Facebook Unrolling “Subscribe on YouTube” Feature

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Facebook and YouTube seem to be working in conjunction, with some Facebook users noticing a “Subscribe on YouTube” button on videos in their News Feeds. The button only appears when you utilize YouTube’s Facebook sharing tool – a simple copy-and-paste into a status update won’t enable the feature. “It seems that this feature is enabled […]

The Wild Wild West of Online Video Ads – YouTube Advertising 101


Since Google introduced pay-per-click (PPC) ads, the price of each click as steadily increased. I bet you didn’t know you could pay less than 10 cents for a click in its early days. Now, the same is true with Google’s TrueView Video ads (YouTube video ads). Yep – it’s the wild wild west out there, […]

YouTube Integrates Google+ into Comments

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YouTube has now upgraded their comments section, integrating it with a user’s Google+ account. Previously, comments were a long and unorganized list, with the most recent comments appearing first. Keeping track of conversations was nearly impossible until they allowed users to respond to each other. Top comments were ranked based on the most “thumbs up” […]

B2B Video Marketing: Why B2B Companies Should Use YouTube

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Considering the videos you watch on YouTube, you might not think that it’s the right place for B2B companies to communicate. Isn’t it for videos of cute kittens and babies? But as online video consumption increases, YouTube is becoming a top online destination for everyone, including the B2B industry. Increasingly, video is proving it can engage users much more than […]

What to Consider Before Starting Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

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Are you having trouble with you regular marketing campaign? If you’ve been thinking about starting a new YouTube marketing campaign, this article will give you some tips to consider before you make that a reality. There is more than just posting videos to YouTube in order to actually have a successful marketing campaign on YouTube. […]