Twitter Tries Promoted Videos


Twitter now is pushing advertiser’s promoted videos to Twitter feeds (just like it does with promoted tweets). Promoted videos are a part of the Twitter Amplify Program, which holds a goal of promoting more television clips on Twitter. Advertisers now will be able to upload their videos and scale engagement of each one posted, just as they were able […]

Surprise! From Hidden Camera to Viral Video Sensation

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.29.38 AM

If you weren’t raised on the moon, chances are you’ve seen hidden camera shows, such as Punk’d, Spy TV and, of course, Candid Camera.  These semi-staged shows entertained millions by pranking or surprising an unknowing participant- catching the whole affair on camera.  In several markets, especially the entertainment industry, ‘candid’ videos have emerged as a […]

Facebook Unveils Video Advertising

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In an effort to reach users by alternative means, Facebook has unveiled video advertisements to play in a user’s News Feed, set to launch Thursday. The ads are set to start appearing Thursday for web and mobile devices, and will play automatically – though sound may be toggled on and off by the user. Exact […]

The Low Down: Will Instagram Video Replace Vine?

Instagram Video - Recording

Facebook and Instagram recently confirmed our suspicions. Instagram has incorporated video into their platform! It’s seamless, beautiful and now available for iPhone and Android users. Here’s the down and dirty on what makes it different from Vine: Instagram videos can be up to 15 seconds long, as opposed to Vine’s video lengths which are capped at […]

InstAwards: Day 1 Instagram Video Winners

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The world as social media geeks as myself knew it has changed forever! Well, actually… not even a little bit, but we were all pretty eager to get our hands on Instagram  version 4.0 introducing a new 15 second video feature.  I’m not going to get into whether this new shiny toy is the future […]