4 “How-to’s” for Using a Hashtag on Twitter

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Jen Diehl is a soon-to-be graduate of Penn State University. Originally from Limerick, Pa., Jen decided to pursue her college career at Penn State for the abundance of networking and involvement opportunities. Jen studies public relations at Penn State and focuses on a minor area of study in event planning. You can Tweet at Jen (@WhtsTheDiehlio) or […]

Twitter unrolls substantial design rivaling Facebook, G+

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The new design that Twitter was testing in February has been unrolled to user profiles starting Tuesday. The new design boats a plethora of new features, and is similar in appearance to rivals Facebook and Google Plus. User profile and header photos are expanded, with the profile being relocated to the top corner.  The header […]

Get Chatting: 10 Tips & Tricks for Launching Your Brand’s Twitter Chat

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Put simply, if you’re brand has a decent Twitter following and you’re not hosting a regular chat, you’re missing out on a easy and effective form of content marketing.  While getting your chat kicked off is no small feat, these 10 tips and tricks should get help get off to a running start. Hold Your […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

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Website: Business 2 Community Article: Twitter Followers: 10 Ways To Grow Your Followers Business 2 Community offered a great top 10 list on how to grow your Twitter following. Here are the top 4 that we found most helpful: 1. Follow (Almost) Everyone Back Always follow back, with the exception of porn (obviously), annoying posts […]

Twitter Tries “Share” Option Rather than “Retweet”

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What’s the point in fixing something, if that something isn’t broken? That’s what many Twitter users are saying since Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, made the decision to do an experiment with a few of his product’s users. With Twitter’s user engagement down and it’s user growth being stagnate at 241 million, Twitter has decided to […]