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Best SEO Practices for Small Businesses

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Kristen Kwiatkowski is a freelance writer based in the Philadelphia area. When not writing about social media and SEO practices, Kristen enjoys writing about local charity events, style and food and wine topics. Follow Kristen on Twitter: @sunflowerdali11. . In today’s business world, marketing is everything. This is especially true in the case of small […]

Content Marketing for the Small Business


In this article we are going to talk about content marketing – what it is, why its great for small business and how you can develop a strong content marketing plan. Content marketing is a newly emerging trend in which businesses create and share content online with the goal of acquiring new customers. This media […]

3 Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

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Jeff Gargas is the co-owner and lead developer with ENI Multimedia. He is a social media and online marketing strategist who works with small businesses. Prior to starting ENI, Jeff spent 15 years in the music industry and has spoken at music conferences around the country. He is also currently a regional director with USA Parkour, […]

5 Awesome Ways Businesses Can Use Instagram Direct


The release of Instagram Direct on December 12th means a couple things: 1.  Instagram users are now able to send their photos and videos privately (direct) to one instagram user or a group of instagram users. 2.  Bad Rhino is excited. Click here to read more about Instagram Direct if you’d like extra info, or […]

Fanning the Flames of Love and Loyalty on Social Media

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Humans crave love and loyalty from those they are close to. It’s in our nature. Behind every business, brand, and organization there are people, and they want this same love and loyalty to be expressed toward this extension of themselves. After all, why be on social media if you don’t want to be social and […]