Bad Rhino Reading: Which Social Networks Are Best for Marketers

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Website: Social Media Examiner Article: New Research Shows Which Social Networks Ideal for Marketers Here are four major research findings from reports tracking trends in social media marketing and the content that works best in each social networks. 1. Visual Networks Yield the Most People   Include one of more high quality images in each […]

Increasing Engagement Through Content Marketing: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Jay Baer states that a “lack of chatter isn’t a reason for your company to remain on the sidelines. Rather, it’s a signal that you need to make the first move.” Your content communicates with your followers and customers. Is your audience hearing from you on a consistent basis? If so, then you’ll be hearing […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 5 Ways to Use Pictures to Tell Visual Stories with Social Media


Website: Social Media Examiner Article: 5 Ways to Use Pictures to Tell Visual Stories with Social Media Great marketers are great storytellers. When a picture is shared by a brand on a social network, the human brain will process it 60,000 times faster than reading typed word. Images are key to being a successful marketer, and here […]

Surprise! From Hidden Camera to Viral Video Sensation

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If you weren’t raised on the moon, chances are you’ve seen hidden camera shows, such as Punk’d, Spy TV and, of course, Candid Camera.  These semi-staged shows entertained millions by pranking or surprising an unknowing participant- catching the whole affair on camera.  In several markets, especially the entertainment industry, ‘candid’ videos have emerged as a […]

Using Social Media Trends as Part of Your Marketing Strategy


Do you keep up on trends happening in fashion, foods and other markets your interested in? We all do. We want to be “in the know” so to speak and it gives us a feeling of being knowlegeable and popular. Businesses pay attention to trends as well, but for different reasons. Trends are determined by […]