5 Facebook Marketing Skills to Master

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Lets be honest, Facebook can be a real pain. But it can also be an awesome source of engagement and activity that can lead to new leads, sales, and fans for your business. Understanding what to post, when to post, which posts are working, which posts are not working, who is seeing your posts, and […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Surprises From Social Media Examiner’s Latest Marketing Industry Report

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Article: Simply Measured Website: 8 Surprises From Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Marketing Industry Report The 50-page-spanning, 6th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report for 2014 discusses how marketers are using social media today and how they plan to use it in the future. With vast amounts of statistics and charts there is no surprises that there […]

Animate Your Marketing: 3 Ways to Incorporate GIFs

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Who doesn’t love animated GIFs? Tumblr users certainly do. BuzzFeed’s practically built a business on how much people love them. If pictures say a thousand words, imagine how much a 4-second animated picture could tell your audience! So why wouldn’t you want to try to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. I remember this past […]

Capitalizing on Newsjacking Benefits Your Marketing Efforts

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#175390693 / Marketing has a lot of buzzwords.  If there’s one you should remember, it is newsjacking.  Newsjacking is process that can help you with inbound marketing techniques, such as blogging.  So, what exactly is newsjacking? Let’s dig a little deeper. What Is Newsjacking? In a nutshell: When a news story goes viral and […]

How SEO Plays A Part In Small Business Marketing

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When you are a small business owner, you will find that there are certain techniques which work well for large businesses but may not be as relevant for those of a smaller size. One marketing tool which works well for both types of entities, but especially so in the case of small businesses, is search […]