Keyword Planning for Facebook Advertising: Alternatives to Google’s Keyword Tool

Facebook Keyword Planning

Without a keyword plan, it’s hard to plan any online marketing or advertising initiative — nearly impossible. Inbound marketing, on Facebook or any other site, depends upon solid SEO, which is based on strategic keyword planning and usage. Content still matters, but if the right words aren’t used in that content, words and phrases that […]

Google+ Promoted Posts: How to Use Them for Your Business


Promoted posts have long been a staple on Facebook. They’re much more specific than a general ad, because they push people toward a single post that you’ve chosen to target for a reason. Perhaps you’re trying to spread the word about a sale, or maybe you’re really interested in getting customer feedback about an upcoming […]

YouTube Integrates Google+ into Comments

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8.00.24 PM

YouTube has now upgraded their comments section, integrating it with a user’s Google+ account. Previously, comments were a long and unorganized list, with the most recent comments appearing first. Keeping track of conversations was nearly impossible until they allowed users to respond to each other. Top comments were ranked based on the most “thumbs up” […]

What You’re Missing on Google+

bad rhino google+

When Google first rolled out its social media platform, Google+, we were all a bit skeptical.  I was one of the biggest skeptics and wasn’t welcoming another social network with open arms. I was already using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  I couldn’t find a reason to join yet another platform. Little did I know Google+ […]

What You Need to Know About the Latest Google+ Redesign


The update will feature significant changes to a user’s stream, Google+ hangouts and photos. New features and changes were all explained in concise YouTube videos, which were all embedded into the post.