3 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media

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Let’s get real for a minute. If your business is not on social media yet, you’re already failing pretty badly. Yes, it’s true that not all social media platforms are right for all businesses, but if you are not at least on Facebook and/or Twitter, I don’t even know what to say to you. However, […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Steps to Building an Engaging Presence on Social Media


Website: Social Media Examiner Article: 4 Steps to Building an Engaging Presence on Social Media  Shifting your thinking about what makes your brand successful can expand the content of your brand and undoubtedly catch the attention of prospective customers. See how this can be done in 4 easy steps! 1. Build a Targeted Community Construct […]

Social Media Trends for 2014 – Is Your Brand Ready For Them?

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Cameron Joye is Community Manager, Brand Advocate and Thought Leader at Engagor, where she blogs regularly. She loves engaging with people the world over, so tweet her @Cameron_Joye! . . If all of the buzz social media has been getting in the month of January alone is any indication of what 2014 is going to be […]

12 Angry Memes: Social Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Helping Your Image

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If you’re looking to expand your audience and reach, creative social marketing strategies are key.  However, it’s important to remember that a social media platform is the audience’s turf, and it’s easy for a brand to overstep their boundaries when interacting online.  That’s where these Angry Memes come into play. If you avoid these 12 […]

Building a Brand through Social Recruiting

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Successful branding can lead to more repeat customers, more successful recruiting, and a strong online and offline presence for your business. Many businesses now understand that having their business on social networks contributes to the brand image they want to create. Others understand that social recruiting is a great way to connect with active and […]