Meet Alexa Ferragine, Bad Rhino’s Newest Blog Manager Intern!

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Hi! I’m Alexa Ferragine and I am a sophomore communication major at Cabrini College. Before I get into why I love being in the communication field, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in your typical suburban home in northern New Jersey with my mom, dad, little brother Nicolas and […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Twitter Chat Like a Boss


You’ve decided to take the leap. You’ve gone from tweeting on your own, to joining Twitter chats (or whatever you like to call them), to deciding to host one on your own or on behalf of your company. It’s a big leap. A lot more goes into a successful Twitter chat than most people realize. […]

3 Ways to Make Guest Blogging a Great Experience

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Hey all you bloggers, I’ve got a question for you: how can you make guest blogging a fun experience? We have a great team of monthly contributors here at Bad Rhino, and our blog’s steady growth has a lot to do with their commitment and great ideas for social media related content. We believe in […]

Joey Rettino is Bad Rhino’s New Blog Manager Intern

Joey Rettino

Hi! I’m Joey Rettino, a sophomore communication major at Cabrini College. Listen, before I go on, let’s visit the topic of my name – it’s Joey. I’ve been hearing from my professors and teachers all my life that Joey is such an “immature name,” and that someday I’m going to have to grow up. The […]

Bad Rhino Pins: Rumblings


If you’re not already aware, Bad Rhino is on Pinterest and sharing tons of great social media advice and infographics from around the web. We’ll be adding new content to our boards frequently, so check back often! This week, we want to share our “Rumblings” board. Here you can find a ton of posts from our Bad […]