Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing Intern – Daniel Kwon [VIDEO]

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I’m Daniel Kwon, currently a junior at Villanova University, studying marketing. I hail from the split between New Jersey and New York, in literally the last exit in New Jersey before heading into Manhattan. Click here to learn more about Daniel.

Social Media Reflection: A Decade of Facebook

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In just a few weeks, Facebook will turn 10 years old. To put it differently, I’ve been using Facebook for a decade. Somehow, it’s not even a teenager and it’s one of my best buds. But it’s not just a reliable pal, it’s also revolutionized the way the world communicates. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook […]

Bad Rhino Pins: Pinterest for Business


If you’re not already aware, Bad Rhino is on Pinterest and sharing tons of great social media advice and infographics from around the web. We’ll be adding new content to our boards frequently, so check back often! This week, we want to share our “Pinterest for Business” board. We promise that you’ll find the content valuable, and […]

Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social Media

Restaurant Social Media

Jeff Gargas is the co-owner and lead developer with ENI Multimedia. He is a social media and online marketing strategist who works with small businesses. Prior to starting ENI, Jeff spent 15 years in the music industry and has spoken at music conferences around the country. He is also currently a regional director with USA Parkour, a […]

4 Tips for More Valuable Content Curation


People hear “content marketing” and think “creating content.” They think of research, writing, and coming up with something that no one has ever thought of before. But it doesn’t need to mean that every time you produce a piece of content. There’s content curation. A good content marketing strategy is a mix of a lot […]