Bad Rhino Reading: How to Curate Your Facebook News Feed


Website: Mashable Article: How to Curate Your Facebook News Feed This week, Bad Rhino is taking a look at a recent Mashable article that focuses on tips and tricks to getting more out of your Facebook News Feed. Like it or not, it just isn’t possible to see every update from every friend and brand you follow. […]

LinkedIn Unveils “How You’re Connected” Tool


LinkedIn unrolled on Thursday a new “How You’re Connected” tool, allowing users to further connect and establish rapport with one another. When you visit another user’s profile, you’ll see mutual connections. “How You’re Connected” expands upon these mutual connections by outlining how users know each other. “Today, we’re introducing a new ‘How You’re Connected’ tool […]

Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing is on SlideShare


If you’re not already aware, Bad Rhino is on SlideShare. There you can find a number of presentations focused on restaurant social media, ranging from reputation management to effective social media marketing strategies. We hope that you’ll find the content valuable. Enjoy!

Content Marketing for the Small Business


In this article we are going to talk about content marketing – what it is, why its great for small business and how you can develop a strong content marketing plan. Content marketing is a newly emerging trend in which businesses create and share content online with the goal of acquiring new customers. This media […]

Facebook Announces Paper, a New App to Help Discover and Share Stories


Today, Facebook announced a new app called Paper, “which helps you explore and share stories from friends and the world around you.” The app will officially be made available for iPhone users on Monday, Feb. 3. Paper aims to simplify storytelling with distraction-free layouts and encourages users to share stories of their own. Similar to […]