Bad Rhino Pins: Rumblings


If you’re not already aware, Bad Rhino is on Pinterest and sharing tons of great social media advice and infographics from around the web. We’ll be adding new content to our boards frequently, so check back often! This week, we want to share our “Rumblings” board. Here you can find a ton of posts from our Bad […]

Bad Rhino Reading: What Comes Next? Social Media Trends for 2014


Website: LinkedIn Pulse Article: What Comes Next? Social Media Trends for 2014 The 2014 social media predictions are still rolling in, and Bad Rhino has taken a liking to the four predictions made by HootSuite’s Ryan Holmes. Predictions from Holmes include the continued growth of social advertisements and the rise of “ephemeral” social networks (similar to Snapchat). […]

Twitter Overhauls New Look to Web


In an effort to maintain a consistent look amongst mobile platforms, Twitter has unrolled a sleek, new look to its website. The navigation bar is different, as is matches what is seen on iOS and Android devices. A user’s profile picture and header also appear in the left-hand corner on their home feed, compared to […]

User Mentions Come to Tumblr


Tumblr has become the latest social site to hop on the user-mentioning bandwagon, popularized by Twitter and embraced throughout the social media scene. User mentions work on Tumblr just as they work anywhere else – the utilization of the “@” symbol. Users are also notified in their dashboard when another user mentions them. “Just type […]

How to Kickstart 2014 by Getting 50,000 Visits to Your Blog in the First Month

Blog Questions and Answers

A blog’s success is based on a single, measurable component: traffic. As a current blogger looking for a new outreach strategy, or someone looking into the field, you know this. You understand the importance of unique visitors; advertisers, sponsors and, at the most basic level, bloggers, depend on it. With that in mind, what’s your […]