Pros and Cons of Ditching Facebook Contest Apps


Last week Facebook updated its terms and conditions for business pages, now allowing them to host promotions and contests directly on their Timelines. Long time coming! Prior to this, pages have only been allowed to conduct contests via special third-party apps like Wildfire, Offerpop, etc. This is great news for companies that don’t have the money to […]

The Guide to Facebook Contests Part 3: Selecting a Prize


In the previous two blog posts in this series, we’ve covered the Pros and Cons of using Third Party Apps for Contests, and discussed when using a Third Party App is a must. We’re going to jump right to it by listing some simple guidelines and things to consider when selecting a prize for your […]

5 Music Tweeps Your Marketing Department Could Learn From

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Alex Keys is a Social Media Specialist at Solution Tree and a contributing writer at Treble. Follow him on Twitter (@Keys_Says) for daily ramblings and curated retweets. . . There’s no doubt that musicians have some of the most active personal brands on Twitter.  But there’s no reason you’d ever follow them for branding tips, right?  Think again. Recording artists […]

Reputation Management for Restaurants: Monitoring Your Channels

Food Restaurant Couple Social Media

Managing your restaurant’s reputation on social media calls for some time management, some tools, and a ton of consistency.  This is the last blog post in our Reputation Management for Restaurants series.  The first article talked about how to amplify positive social media comments.  The second post was less fun and centered around how to react to […]

The Social Media Balancing Act: Followers vs. Brands

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When you’re a business or brand, there is a delicate balancing act to be played between promoting your product/service and focusing on your followers. If you focus too much on yourself, your pages will be a turnoff to people. On the other hand, if you focus completely on your followers, you can lose your identity. […]