Virtual Currency and Social Media


If you’re at all keeping up with the world of cryptocurrency (gotta love that word), then you’ve probably watched its up-and-downs, including skyrocketing values, friends in bad places (Silk Road), and worldwide rulings across the board. Most of this is related to bitcoin, the favorite virtual currency, but there are a number of virtual or […]

Meet Alexa Ferragine, Bad Rhino’s Newest Blog Manager Intern!

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Hi! I’m Alexa Ferragine and I am a sophomore communication major at Cabrini College. Before I get into why I love being in the communication field, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in your typical suburban home in northern New Jersey with my mom, dad, little brother Nicolas and […]

Twitter unrolls substantial design rivaling Facebook, G+

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The new design that Twitter was testing in February has been unrolled to user profiles starting Tuesday. The new design boats a plethora of new features, and is similar in appearance to rivals Facebook and Google Plus. User profile and header photos are expanded, with the profile being relocated to the top corner.  The header […]

Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Steps to Optimizing Your Facebook Page

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Website: AllFacebook Article: 8 Steps to Optimizing Your Facebook Page in 2014 Hannah Connor, a guest blogger from, gives a detailed list of the 8 steps to making your Facebook page the best it can be in 2014. Read below the 4 steps that we found the most beneficial! 1. Great Photography Makes for […]

Six Methods for Introducing Real-Time Service via Social Media

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know that social media has become immensely popular and relevant to the way companies do business. It’s becoming necessary for businesses large and small to have an active presence on social media sites. These sites allow companies to engage with consumers […]