A Human’s Guide to Social Media

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Ashley Ashbee is a blogger, communications freelancer and a supporter of numerous social causes and independent artists. You can find her on Twitter @cartooninperson and on her blog Beyond Passing Time.    . I am a very active social media user. I use it as a tool to promote many causes and artists I care […]

Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing Seminar in Chester County, PA

Social Media Marketing

Simply updating your social media channels isn’t enough to drive traffic and increase sales. Leveraging your social media network to engage the public and recruit potential customers requires a strategy that makes sense for your business. Join the Chester County Chamber and Bad Rhino on Thursday, February 27 for this informative and interactive workshop specifically designed to help small- […]

Bad Rhino Pins: Quotes


If you’re not already aware, Bad Rhino is on Pinterest and sharing tons of great social media advice and infographics from around the web. We’ll be adding new content to our boards frequently, so check back often! This week, we want to share our “Quotes” board. Everyone needs a little motivation now and again, so we hope […]

Bad Rhino Reading: How to Curate Your Facebook News Feed


Website: Mashable Article: How to Curate Your Facebook News Feed This week, Bad Rhino is taking a look at a recent Mashable article that focuses on tips and tricks to getting more out of your Facebook News Feed. Like it or not, it just isn’t possible to see every update from every friend and brand you follow. […]

LinkedIn Unveils “How You’re Connected” Tool


LinkedIn unrolled on Thursday a new “How You’re Connected” tool, allowing users to further connect and establish rapport with one another. When you visit another user’s profile, you’ll see mutual connections. “How You’re Connected” expands upon these mutual connections by outlining how users know each other. “Today, we’re introducing a new ‘How You’re Connected’ tool […]