Animate Your Marketing: 3 Ways to Incorporate GIFs

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Who doesn’t love animated GIFs? Tumblr users certainly do. BuzzFeed’s practically built a business on how much people love them. If pictures say a thousand words, imagine how much a 4-second animated picture could tell your audience! So why wouldn’t you want to try to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. I remember this past […]

Creating Buzz for Your Website Via Social Media

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Whether you provide a service or offer products to consumers, you want to have a website as your virtual home base. This type of informational site will provide your customers and potential customers with all that they need to know about your company and the products/services which you offer. With this in mind, you want […]

Bad Rhino Reading: Social Media & Its 5 Benefits to SEO

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Website: Business 2 Community Article: Why Strong Social Media Benefits Your SEO There was a time when merely building more links than competitors meant good SEO. However, links alone no longer will do it. A strong social media presence is where it’s at. Here are 5 reasons a strong social media presence benefits SEO. 1. SEO […]

Tips For Brands on How to Perfect the Tweet

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Twitter is a very effective tool for brands looking to reach a greater number of people. The key to the effectiveness of Twitter is all in the tweet. Many people get discouraged by the limit of 140 characters, I say, use it to your advantage! Use Twitter to help structure your brand’s key marketing messages […]

How to Spark Social Activity by Creating an Engaging Tweet

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#185075141 / So by now you should know that your company should be on Twitter. If not, call me. I’ll explain it to you again. The next step is making sure twitter is actually working for you. Getting your audience to engage with your tweets is key. You want people paying attention to what […]