Facebook messenger soon to expand what it can do

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According to Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that people will be able to reach out to businesses in the Facebook messenger application. View image | If a person is wondering about when their order will be coming to them or have questions about it the person is able to communicate with the company simply […]

Facebook launches On This Day


The third party app Time Hop, has found itself a huge competitor. Social media powerhouse, Facebook has announced the launch of On This Day. The addition to Facebook will grant users “a new way to look back at things you have shared and posts you’ve been tagged in,” as stated on Facebook Newsroom. On This […]

Twitter testing autoplay

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According to Twitter is now following in Facebook’s footsteps. Twitter is now experimenting with autoplay for videos in news feeds. Autoplay lets videos play while somebody is scrolling through their news feeds automatically without a person even hitting play. Vine, a popular app that lets somebody post videos to twitter will not be included in […]

Instagram Introduces New Layout App

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On March 26, Instagram announced that Layout from Instagram will be launched as a new application. This new app lets people combine multiple photos into a single image. After opening the app, it shows people a preview of custom layouts people can use to start their layout of photos. Along with being able to combine […]

Analyzing Facebook Messenger’s New (and Free) Friend-To-Friend Payments Feature


Do you ever have a hard time getting money to your friends?  Well that will all change with Facebook’s newest enhancement. You can now transfer money through Facebook Messenger.  You click on the money symbol and enter your debit card information.  Once the numbers are entered, you enter the amount of money you want to […]