Teri Kojetin

Monthly contributor Teri Kojetin is passionate about social media and writing. Teri is the Social Media & Community Coordinator for ICUC, assisting with their social media sites and company publications. She writes for The Way We C It, an industry blog powered by ICUC. She also writes regularly for her own blog, Walking In Color. Teri is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA where she lives with her husband and spends time on creative outlets such as writing, art and crafts. Connect with Teri through Twitter: @TeriMKojetin.

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Social Awareness on Social Media: Should a Business Be Involved?

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What stance should your business take on social issues? We are constantly reading about social issues and awareness on various Social Media platforms. It’s not necessarily due to a rise in these issues, but the wider availability to hear and read about them online and in other media outlets. Social media gives the everyday user […]

The Art Of Social Listening

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When we hear the term, “social listening”, we often think of monitoring social media channels, blogs and other places consumers frequent and express opinions. The purpose is to collect data on their behavior and buying habits in order to prepare a solid marketing strategy. But the topic of this post is the “art” of social […]

Branding Your Company Image on Social Media

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What story does your brand tell? As a company, you may think you are the one who determines how customers view you, but in the reality of social media┬átoday, it is often the customer who determines what your brand says about you. Your brand image reflects the personality of your company or product. It gives […]

How You Can Benefit From Social Media Influencers

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There’s lots of buzz on the Internet about finding and engaging with industry influencers. We see lists of influencers, are encouraged to connect with them, and even strive to become an influencer ourselves. It’s often stressed online, that if you want your company blog to get noticed and talked about, you have to know influencers […]

Practicing Good Customer Service On Your Social Media Pages

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#164383304 / gettyimages.com Customer service has evolved over the years, going from face-to-face to postal mail to telephone to email to live chat, and now into the realm of Social Media. Good customer service is about providing a positive, helpful experience. Giving your customers excellent service, whether they have questions, concerns, complaints, or even praise […]