Shane Jones

Monthly contributor Shane Jones currently works as the Senior Social Outreach Specialist at WebpageFX. With an unhealthy obsession with the Internet, Shane spends nearly all of his time blogging about social marketing, or occasionally sharing his opinions on his soccer news blog. On those rare moments when he's not behind a computer, Shane's either playing soccer, kayaking, or living out his bucket list. He can be found on Twitter: @ShaneJones15.

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6 Methods for Introducing Real-Time Service Via Social Media

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know that social media has become immensely popular and relevant to the way companies do business. It’s becoming necessary for businesses large and small to have an active presence on social media sites. These sites allow companies to engage with consumers […]

Keyword Planning for Facebook Advertising: Alternatives to Google’s Keyword Tool

Facebook Keyword Planning

Without a keyword plan, it’s hard to plan any online marketing or advertising initiative — nearly impossible. Inbound marketing, on Facebook or any other site, depends upon solid SEO, which is based on strategic keyword planning and usage. Content still matters, but if the right words aren’t used in that content, words and phrases that […]

Google+ Promoted Posts: How to Use Them for Your Business


Promoted posts have long been a staple on Facebook. They’re much more specific than a general ad, because they push people toward a single post that you’ve chosen to target for a reason. Perhaps you’re trying to spread the word about a sale, or maybe you’re really interested in getting customer feedback about an upcoming […]

How to Kickstart 2014 by Getting 50,000 Visits to Your Blog in the First Month

Blog Questions and Answers

A blog’s success is based on a single, measurable component: traffic. As a current blogger looking for a new outreach strategy, or someone looking into the field, you know this. You understand the importance of unique visitors; advertisers, sponsors and, at the most basic level, bloggers, depend on it. With that in mind, what’s your […]

4 Steps to Running a Successful Pinterest Contest

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‘Tis the season for sponsoring holiday-themed marketing campaigns. Undoubtedly your company has run such things before on Facebook and Twitter, but Twitter is also a great place for holiday-themed promotions, especially in the form of a contest. Pinterest has a very active, engaged audience, and during the holidays they’re in hyper pin mode, looking for […]