Rich DeMatteo

Rich DeMatteo used social media to build his blog and career coaching business, Corn on the Job, into one of the most recognizable brands in the online career space. Once he realized how much fun he was having developing social marketing strategies and building communities, Rich worked with Marty McDonald on creating and launching Bad Rhino Social Media. Contact Rich by sending him an email or following him on Twitter: @CornOnTheJob.

Rich has written 31 awesome articles.

4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Social Media Agency

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post first appeared on You’ve put up a brilliant fight and the effort hasn’t gone unnoticed. However, the daily job of managing, monitoring, and creating content for your company social channels is a daunting challenge and quite frankly, your time is best spent elsewhere. Whether you’re a small business owner, a […]

Social Media Case Study – Restaurant

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Here is a quick case study from our website to show how we have provided trackable ROI through social media in just 60 days of working with a new client. The Client Jazmine Thai is an authentic Thai restaurant in a suburb of Philadelphia. The food, atmosphere, and staff are fantastic, which has led to […]

20 Snapchat Marketing Resources


Sometimes marketing needs to be quick and dirty. It just may be so that an afternoon quickie is what your brand needs to excite the target market and tease them into performing the right call to action. Snapchat may just be the friend (with benefits) that your business needs. While widely known as a  perishable […]

NBC Philadelphia Fails on Social by Linking Murder Victim’s Facebook Profile to Weather Update


The title pretty much says it all. NBC 10 Philadelphia was posting on social media today (Monday) about the snow storm that is set to arrive in the area on Tuesday.  Their posts on Facebook & Twitter included a link that should have taken people to a more in-depth look into the storm; however, the […]

5 Awesome Ways Businesses Can Use Instagram Direct


The release of Instagram Direct on December 12th means a couple things: 1.  Instagram users are now able to send their photos and videos privately (direct) to one instagram user or a group of instagram users. 2.  Bad Rhino is excited. Click here to read more about Instagram Direct if you’d like extra info, or […]