Nick LaRosa

Nick LaRosa is a Social Media Specialist for Bad Rhino, Inc, as well as their current Blog Manager. He is a 2013 graduate of Cabrini College and previously served as Bad Rhino's Blog Manager Intern. He has vast experience with social media and blogging, and is constantly reading up on everything pertaining to social media marketing. You can get in touch with Nick by sending him an email or reaching out to him on Twitter: @nlarosa62.

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Social Media and the NBA Playoffs: Which Team Has the Best Facebook Cover Photo?


Cabrini College junior Nick Cipollone is the Sports Editor for The Loquitur, Sports Anchor for LOQation News Program and a Social Media Specialist at Bad Rhino, Inc. Nick also serves as the Social Media Manager for Cabrini’s Center for Career and Professional Development. Follow Nick on Twitter.    We are down to the semi-finals in the NBA playoffs and our […]

3 Ways to Make Guest Blogging a Great Experience

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Hey all you bloggers, I’ve got a question for you: how can you make guest blogging a fun experience? We have a great team of monthly contributors here at Bad Rhino, and our blog’s steady growth has a lot to do with their commitment and great ideas for social media related content. We believe in […]

How to Show Leadership on Social Media


Christina Philbert is co-owner of bpcp Consulting and is an experienced and passionate non-profit and higher education administrator. Tweet her at @CmPhilbert.   .  There has been much discussion and debate as to what leadership is and what leaders do. And yet, there is little consensus and definitions tend to be objective. But most of us can recognize […]

Facebook Announces Paper, a New App to Help Discover and Share Stories


Today, Facebook announced a new app called Paper, “which helps you explore and share stories from friends and the world around you.” The app will officially be made available for iPhone users on Monday, Feb. 3. Paper aims to simplify storytelling with distraction-free layouts and encourages users to share stories of their own. Similar to […]

3 Simple Ways Blog Managers Can Take Advantage of Evernote

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Let’s face it: we’re all really busy these days. For those of us who manage our company’s blog in particular, the amount of daily tasks can be overwhelming at times. Chances are you’re also busy with other marketing initiatives, and you probably constantly need to ask yourself questions like these on a daily basis: Did […]