Melissa Alam

Bimonthly contributor Melissa Alam is a 20-something social media strategist, blogger and digital marketing consultant here in Philadelphia. Always glued to technology, Melissa enjoys meeting new people, venturing around Philadelphia and blogging about life’s randomness in her free time. Follow her on Twitter: @RingTheAlam.

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Review: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Blogging Needs


More and more blogs are being created each day from individuals hoping to start a new hobby, create a new business, or share their opinion on fashion, politics, pop culture, etc. The list goes on and on as to why people want to start blogging, but one thing remains the same – choosing the right […]

3 Tips Before You Advertise on Facebook

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Facebook advertising needs to become your new best friend. Whether you’re a larger corporation or an entrepreneur trying to get your business up and going, Facebook advertising allows you to reach your target audience and helps you build up a fan base relevant to your product or service. Below are three tips before you start […]

How To Go Viral With Your Company

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Earlier this year, a commercial promoting a monthly razor company called “Dollar Shave Club” went extremely viral. Before I begin my social preaching, sit back and watch the commercial below: Now, tell me you didn’t chuckle here and there from this video! Starring Dollar Shave Club’s founder and CEO himself, Michael Dubin, this video hit […]

Three Resources to Help You Develop Your Creativity

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So you want to get creative with your blog, get better at the Adobe Creative Suite, or maybe even start branding your business a little better? And what about that old website of yours that you’ve been putting on the back-burner to update? As entrepreneurs, bloggers or small business owners, a lot of the overall marketing needs […]

3 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Browsing Experience

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For those of you not reading this article on Google Chrome right now, please pause your normal routine and download this browser ASAP! Known for its high speed performance, extremely intuitive and efficient browsing and its easy-to-use approach, Google Chrome is a win when it comes to your internet experience. However, to increase your time searching […]