Debbie Counsman

Debbie Counsman is the Client Blog Manager for Bad Rhino and works at MoneyLine Lending as the Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator. She is a recent graduate from Susquehanna University and enjoys anything that allows her to use creativity. Guilty pleasures include reality television, frozen mochas and sleeping in on the weekends! Follow her @Debbie_Counsman.

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Mobile App Monday – Dreamboard Mobile


Are you a vivid dreamer? Do you wish you could remember the crazy dreams you have had in the past? Now you can track your dreams in a mobile journal thanks to Dreamboard! For example, this past weekend I had a dream that I was at a party and sitting next to Elizabeth Banks. At […]

Mobile App Monday – iMadeFace


This week’s app review is about one that has made it to the Top Free App section on iTunes and has made me laugh all weekend! The app – iMadeFace – is a fun tool to create comic images of family and friends and then share them through social media or save them as your contacts. […]

Mobile App Monday – Shopkick


If you love shopping and you love getting paid to shop, then you need the Shopkick app! The app is location-based and depending on where you are, you can walk into local stores and collect points. The points are earned simply by walking into the store entrance or scanning a few items while you make […]

Mobile App Monday – Starbucks


It’s almost time for 2013 to start, and in order to keep up with all of my New Year’s resolutions, I will need LOTS and LOTS of caffeine, so the free Starbucks app is now a necessity on my iPhone! Although I have been a Starbucks addict for a few years, I recently learned about […]

Mobile App Monday – TableTopics


It’s the holiday season and that means TONS of holiday parties! But what if you just started a new job and you don’t want to be the quiet newbie sitting all alone? What if you are finally meeting your significant other’s family for the first time and you have no idea what to talk about? […]