What every business needs to have in their marketing toolkit – from webinars to white papers to social media profiles

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Annaliese Henwood is a marketing and public relations specialist with interest in making an impact for businesses and nonprofits alike. Annaliese can be found through her website, or you can join her on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. #168580466 / gettyimages.com What is supposed to be in a marketing toolkit? It honestly depends on who your target audience is, but there […]

3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience On Social Media

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#186560915 / gettyimages.com   You know who your potential clients are, so it’s just important to know where they are. Where are they spending their time? Who are they interacting with? What are they sharing? By knowing where your audience is spending the most time, you can plan and create different strategies and campaigns for […]

How to Put Your Fall Social Media Strategy into Gear

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Solidify a social media strategy for your small business before the fall begins. Whether you’re ready to admit it or not, summer will soon come to an end. Right now, your business goals should definitely include making the most of the remainder of the summer. But, you’ll soon need to gear up for the fall. […]

Knowing What Works and What Doesn’t With Marketing Via Social Media

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Marketing using social media provides an effective and time-efficient way for businesses to let consumers know what they have to offer. With that said, social media is only effective when done right. There are certain things which work with social media for the purpose of business and other things which will make all of your […]

More Facebook Privacy Stuff… Really?

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Holy cow, the Internet has been exploding with crazy-talk about the fact that Facebook is now forcing us to use the separate Messenger app! Let me first clarify that I am not a huge fan of defending Facebook, but lately it seems like everyone I know on Facebook is complaining. The crazy thing is; most […]