Facebook Wants to Make Your Newsfeed More Friend-Focused


Soon enough users will start to see fewer pages popping up on their newsfeed and more friend updates. According to theverge.com users will see more posts in their newsfeed of “friends they care about” higher up in their newsfeed. Pages created by advertisers and company names will appear less and be less likely to be […]

Building Relationships in 140 Characters or Less


Social Media is all about relationships. Some people seem to think it’s about a relationship with themselves, but that defeats the very meaning of “social”. Brands sometimes think it’s the perfect place to promote their product. Wrong again! Social Media is about being social – it’s an interaction between people. You don’t post something just […]

4 Ways to Use Twitter Video for Your Business


Did you ever think that Twitter would have video option? Well now they do. Twitter just recently updated the app so that people can post videos on twitter. Here are 4 ways to help: 1.  Respond to Tweets With Video: Twitter adding the new video option is a great way to interact with your followers. […]

Twitter gets a new look

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.24.34 PM

Twitter has become a a big part of where people are able to see what is going on in the world. According to blog.twitter.com  A big change will be happening for users who have a Twitter account but do not necessarily log in every day or even every week. Twitter is making it so they […]

Facebook Metrics and Insights Needed When Launching a Social Media Engagement Campaign

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