4 “How-to’s” for Using a Hashtag on Twitter

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Jen Diehl is a soon-to-be graduate of Penn State University. Originally from Limerick, Pa., Jen decided to pursue her college career at Penn State for the abundance of networking and involvement opportunities. Jen studies public relations at Penn State and focuses on a minor area of study in event planning. You can Tweet at Jen (@WhtsTheDiehlio) or […]

3 Tips To Maintain Brand Consistency Online

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Countless social media platforms and inbound marketing strategies can make it hard to maintain brand consistency across all formats. Without brand consistency, you may cause confusion amongst your potential and current customers and/or viewers. As you may know, it’s important to claim usernames across all social media platforms with your brand name.  In doing so, […]

5 Tips for Saving Time with Social Media

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Tiffany is the Social Media Manager for Hiscox USA insurance, responsible for driving social media engagement and publishing the Hiscox Small Business blog. Tiffany lives in NYC with her tech entrepreneur husband and one year-old daughter. She is passionate about empowering women and girls and volunteers regularly with the over 100 year-old public service organization […]

Bad Rhino Reading: Which Social Networks Are Best for Marketers

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Website: Social Media Examiner Article: New Research Shows Which Social Networks Ideal for Marketers Here are four major research findings from reports tracking trends in social media marketing and the content that works best in each social networks. 1. Visual Networks Yield the Most People   Include one of more high quality images in each […]

Education and Social Media

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Christina Philbert is co-owner of bpcp Consulting and is an experienced and passionate non-profit and higher education administrator. Tweet her at @CmPhilbert.       .    While social media has permeated nearly every industry and most brands maintain a presence online, the world of higher education as a whole has shied away from the new social-digital paradigm. Even though […]